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Our History

About Us

From a humble beginning, we registered as a Co-operative Society in 09 September 1974, now we have a total of 7142 members. We started our banking journey (Date Of Commencement) from 15 May 1974 and our Area Of Operation is in Revenue District, Thiruvananthapuram. We are here to serve as a helping hands to the staffs in the health services department. We are providing loans with low rate of interest. We are mainly focussed in the welfare of the staffs in health services.

We can provide you the best loans and services that will encourage the staffs in money saving activity. We have alot of deposit types and varied loans schemes that suits the wages of staffs in health services department. Our main aim is to solve the financial problems of our members and we support their financial background also.

Our Team

Board Of Members

S S Hameedh


J S Binujoy




V A Vinod Kumar

Bindhu N Kumari

V Ramachandran

A Sreejith

I Sathy

V S Anilkumar

Anila K

Archana B S

Arun Arency

Syed Kunj

Shiroz A R

Our Faculties

S Sreedevi


A Sheeja

Sr. Clerk

P S Anjana

Sr. Clerk

S Sreekala

Sr. Clerk

B S Peaush

Jr. Clerk

A Lola Rani

Jr. Clerk

V Geethakumary

Chief Accountant

V Anilkumar


S Girija


M Mogith


L R Sharmi


K Mallika


G Sathikumari


B Anil Kumar

Internal Auditor

VJ Murali

Sales Man

Our Contract Employees

K S Remya Krishnan

Nayana G S

Health Services Staff Co-operative Society | HSSCS